I also went to mall and purchased some jewelry.Earings,Chain & Braclet.They told me the Tennis Braclet was on sale for 1,200 & Made me think they were throwing in extra at know charge.Then the next thing i know i am in debt for 2,600 hundred dollars. Then i find out that the braclet alone is not even worth 150.00 dollars.To top it all off i am a senior citizen living on a fixed income.

Shame on you all for conducting such S****Y business.

AnywaY i filed a complaint with the BBB so we will see what happens. Again shame on you all .

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What store was this? Screw Progressive for getting you and other good folks into debt!

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #823092

Thank you about the scam information. I will NEVER use that company....However try not to sweat it out.

Remember pay back is a bi...!!

It will repeat to them 3X over. They may not truly understand right away,Sooner or later they will notice the bad things happening to them.


If you're a senior citizen on a fixed income then why are you buying a $1200 tennis bracelet?

to Anonymous Macon, Georgia, United States #721149
It wasnt for him, guaranteed it was a gift for some chik 35 yrs his junior..or better yet shes the one doing all the frivolous spending. Shame on you. :x :grin
to Chi Chi #823097

ChiChi. It doesn't matter to whom the gift was for.

They were being done wrong.how can you assume about a 'chik' 35years younger?

what's that have to do with anything? Shame on you.quit assuming!

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